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Sunrise will be having the following new kits produced, some during 2021. As numbers produced are related closely to the number of pre-orders received, the best way to guarantee getting one is to pre-order it - no payment is needed until the kit is ready, and there is no obligation to take it then. Simply contact Sunrise to say which kit/s you want, and how many, and provide full contact details.
Kit 18 1944 Alexander lowbridge utility double-decker
Kit 19 1945 Cadogan-bodied Austin K2SL
Kit 23 1934/41 Pickering-bodied Albion Victor PK115
Kit 24 1950 Brockhouse-bodied Albion Venturer - options for AEC and Daimler versions
Kit 25B 1937 DUTC-bodied rear-entrance Leyland Lion etc
Kit 26 1957/58 Crossley-bodied BUT 9613T double-deck trolleybus
Kit 39 1937/40 Leyland lowbridge-bodied Leyland Titan TD5/TD7
Kit 43 Alexander AV-bodied Ailsa MkI - dual-door option
Kit 44 Alexander AV-bodied Ailsa MkII
Kit 48 Leyland Lion PLSC3 forward-entrance
Kit 49 Leyland Lion PLSC3 rear-entrance
Kit 50 Metro-Cammell-bodied Leyland Titan PD2 Edinburgh-style
Kit 51 Alexander A/J-type Atlantean/Fleetline - door/window configuration options
Kit 55 1930 Wycombe-bodied Gilford 168OT
Kit 56 1930s Cowieson-bodied Albion Valiant PV70 - forward and rear-entrance options
Kit 57 1948 Brockhouse-bodied AEC, Guy etc single-decker
Kit 59 1947/51 Roberts-bodied Foden PVSC single-decker
Kit 61 Alexander curved waistrail bus/coach
Kit 68 1958 Glasgow Corporation-style Burlingham-bodied BUT single-deck trolleybus
Kit 69B 1949 GNR(I) Park Royal-bodied AEC Regal III coach
Kit 73 Croft-bodied Albion Venturer, Daimler CVG6
Kit 74 Alexander AL-type Atlantean/Fleetline - door/window configuration options
Kit 75B 30' Alexander rear-entrance highbridge-bodied AEC Regent, etc
Kit 77 David MacBrayne-style Duple Midland-bodied Bedford C5Z1
Kit 84B Leyland-bodied Leyland Titan TD4 highbridge
Kit 85 1953 East Lancs-Bodied BUT RETB1 standee single-deck trolleybus, Glasgow Corporation
Kit 86 1931 Cowieson-bodied AEC Renown, Glasgow Corporation
Kit 87 1983 Marshall Camair-bodied Ailsa single-decker, Strathclyde PTE/Strathclyde’s Buses
Kit 88 Willowbrook-bodied Daimler CVG6-30
Kit 89 Optare Solo SR 7.2m
Kit 90 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMC 8.9m
Kit 91 Duple Dominant 11m Bus
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