stagecoach group fleetnames etc
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SC-AS1 Stagecoach-style A1 Service names – two 14x1.5mm; one 11x1mm, red/black £1 25 per set
SC-EX1 Stagecoach Express names, 65x8.5mm, red/black/blue £1 75p pair
SC-EX2 Stagecoach (small) Express (large) names, 65x8.4mm, red/black/blue £1 75p pair
SC-EX3 Express names, 19x1.75mm, blue £1 pair
SC-FN1 Stagecoach names, 18x1.75mm, red/black £1 pair
SC-FN2 Stagecoach names, 25x2.5mm, red/black £1 25p pair
SC-FN3 Stagecoach names, 40x3.9mm, red/black £1 50p pair
SC-LG1 Stagecoach Holdings logo, 4.25x6mm, red/blue/orange 80p pair
SC-LG2 Stagecoach Holdings logo/name below on white rectangle, 5x5mm, white/red/blue/orange/black 80p pair
SC-LG3 Stagecoach Holdings logo/name below, 5.25x5.25mm, red/blue/orange/black 80p pair
SC-MB1 Magicbus set of two original-style names in blue/orange/red in white 31x5.5mm rectangle and one original-style names in blue/orange/red in white 14.5x2.75mm rectangle £1 50
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