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Miscellaneous adverts for front, rear, etc 40p each
AD-AE1 Abdine the gold medal health drink, front advert, 7x9mm, black/yellow/red/green Glasgow
AD-AM1 Army Recruitment, 518 Sauchiehall Street, front advert, 7x9mm, white/red/black Glasgow
AD-AH2 Ah! Bisto for all meat dishes, rear window advert, 9.5x3.5mm, brown/black/yellow/red/white Alexander
AD-BN6 Shop at Binns, 15x2mm black various
AD-BN7 Shop at Binns, 15x2mm, ivory various
AD-BN8 Shop at Binns, rear band advert, 14x1.9mm, red/black Scottish Bus Group
AD-BW4 Bell’s Scotch Whisky, front advert, 7x9mm, white/red/black Glasgow
AD-CT5 There’s only one t in Scotland Cooper’s Tea, front advert, 7x9mm, black/red/yellow Glasgow
AD-EV2 £1500 Place the ball Evening Times, front advert, 7x9mm, red/black Glasgow
AD-OV2 OVD the sign of good rum, front advert, 7x9mm, orange/black/white Glasgow
AD-SA2 Saxa salt, rear window advert, 9.5x3.5mm, orange/red/black/white/yellow Alexander
AD-XO2 Oxo, rear window advert, 9.5x3.5mm, red/white/black/grey Alexander
EA-BB2 Model Village Torquay, front advert, 6x8mm approx, yellow/black Devon General
EA-BX1 Brixham Aquarium, front advert, 6x8mm approx, black/white/orange Devon General
EA-BX2 Brixham Aquarium, front advert, 6x8mm approx, black/white/green Devon General
EA-CT1 The Cornish Times also wraps whelks, 15x3.5mm, black/yellow/white
EA-CT2 I’m Ethel Ready for the Cornish Times, 15x3.5mm, black/yellow/white
EA-DY1 Drury’s of Torquay for electrical installations, front advert, 6x8mm approx, yellow/black Devon General
EA-DY2 Drury’s of Torquay for TV rentals, front advert, 6x8mm approx, yellow/black Devon General
EA-GC2 Grey Cars private hire, offside staircase panel advert, 13x8mm, grey/red/dark blue Devon General
EA-KC2 Kents Cavern, Torquay, front advert, 6x8mm approx, yellow/black Devon General
GA-BA1 BASF 12x2.5mm
GA-CA1 Cresta Salt, front advert, 5x6.75mm black/white/red CIE
GA-CX2 Castrol GTX 9x6mm rear corner
GA-CX3 Take care use Caltex, two-part rear ad, each 8x5mm, yellow/red/black/white CIE
GA-EB1 Esso Blue the perfect paraffin, two-part rear ad, each 7x7mm, yellow/white/dark blue/red/black CIE
GA-EV1 Everclear TV rental 22x6mm
GA-GO1 Goodall’s salad cream, 5x6,75mm, black/red/yellow CIE
GA-GV1 Gevaert film, front advert, 4.8x5.6 polygon, white/red CIE
GA-GY1 Granby beef steak burgers, front advert, 5x6.75mm, white/red CIE
GA-HA2 Golden Amber Tea, front advert, 5x6.75mm white/red/black CIE
GA-HA3 Halpin's Tea, front advert, 6.25x6.5mm, black/white CIE
GA-MU2 Murphy It’s a beautiful pint, two-part - destination screen surround plus front dome CIE
GA-MU3 Murphy something to look forward to, two-part - destination screen surround plus front dome CIE
GA-PK1 Picko Tea, front advert, 5x6.75mm yellow/red/green CIE
GA-RM1 Ritchie's Milky Mints, 11.5x7.25mm blue/white/red Dublin Bus
GA-SQ1 Wake up your day with a Squeez, 27.5x7.5mm pink/yellow/red/black Dublin Bus
GA-TA1 Transport Advertising sell to the Irish market, front advert, 5x6.75mm red/black/white CIE
GA-TX1 A Line Radio Taxi, front advert, 5x6.75mm black/cream/red CIE
GA-VP1 VP Wine, front advert, 5x6.75mm yellow/red/green/black CIE
GA-VR1 Varian Brushes, front advert, 5x6.75mm yellow/red CIE
GA-VR2 Varian Brushes, staircase panel advert,11.5x7.5mm blue/orange/white/maroon CIE
GA-YR1 YR Sauce, front advert, 5x6.75mm black/red/cream CIE
GA-YR2 YR Sauce, front advert, 6.25x6.5mm, black/white CIE
GA-ZH1 Zhivago nightclub 22x6mm
Offside rear corner circular adverts, generally 6.5mm diameter 40p each
AD-AK10 Askit for headaches powders 3d, dark blue/red/white various
AD-BD5 Beattie’s Bread quality always, cream/orange/black Glasgow
AD-CX3 Wakefield Castrol motor oils, green/white/red/black various
AD-DU2 Duckham’s 20-50 motor oil, white/green/yellow/dark blue/black various
AD-LM1 Lees macaroon bars, dark blue/yellow/white various
AD-NO1 Duckham’s NOL motor oils, cream/green/dark blue/white various
AD-NS1 News of the World best Sunday paper, dark blue/white various
AD-SP1 Spratts Builds up a Dog, light green/black various
AD-TT1 Private Coaches for Hire, black/white Caledonian
EA-CO1 Courage export, 5mm diameter, white/black/red/yellow various
EA-KC3 Kents Cavern, Torquay, 4.25mm diameter, yellow/black Devon General
EA-LM1 London & Manchester Assurance, 4.25mm diameter, orange/light green/light blue/black/yellow various
EA-PZ1 Paignton Zoo, circular 4.25mm diameter, grey-blue/yellow/white Devon General
EA-TT1 Totnes Motor Museum, 4.25mm diameter, blue/red/black Devon General
GA-EB2 Esso Blue oval rear corner GNR
GA-HF1 Hafner’s sausages CIE
GA-OD1 Odlum’s flour oval rear corner GNR
GA-UB2 Ulster Bank, 5.9mm diameter red/black/gold/white Belfast
GA-UC1 UC Ice Cream, 5.9mm diameter white/red/black Belfast
Front upper panel (and blank destination screen)/separate front dome adverts (CIE/Dublin Bus) 75p for two parts
GA-DL1 Order your coal now from CDL front panel/front dome ads with blank screen
GA-EY1 Everyday sausages front panel/front dome ads with blank screen
GA-MP1 Mothers Pride front panel/front dome ads with blank screen
GA-MU1 Murphy front panel/front dome ads with blank screen
GA-VS2 HGW Valspar front panel/front dome ads with blank screen
Dash panel adverts for Aberdeen Corporation trams, round corners 9.5x10mm 80p for any two
AD-JC1 Jack Cowie butcher and poulterer, cream/black/blue/gold
AD-ET1 Ewan’s Taxis garage & service, cream/red/green/black
AD-SE1 Sellars Fireplaces, cream/red/blue
AD-TD1 Patterson’s Tartan Dive lounge and cocktail bar, cream/red/maroon
Between decks, rear band, Aberdeen Corporation
AD-DC1 Donald’s Ice Cream 40p each
Adjacent to side/rear adverts arranged by Cowan Advertising Company
AD-CA1 Cowan-Ad advertising company flag logos (sold per handed pair) 40p pair
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