side panel adverts for single-deckers
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Cove panel adverts, approx. 62x4mm 65p each
EA-PB2 Parcels by bus convenient quick economical and safe, yellow/green/orange/black
EA-RB1 Royal Blue links London and all the South-West, dark blue/yellow/red/green/orange/black
EA-RR1 Ringer’s A1 Light tobacco, yellow/white/red/black
GA-GA1 Hotter water quicker by gas UTA
GA-TY1 Tayto the champagne of crisps UTA
Cove panel adverts, 80/82x4.5mm approx 75p each
AD-CT4 There’s only one t in Scotland Cooper’s Tea Scottish Bus Group
AD-HG9 Haig in every home, white/red/blue Scottish Bus Group
AD-ME9 McEwan’s Lager. You asked for it, dark blue/yellow Scottish Bus Group
BD-CM2 Bags of comfort from your coal merchant, square corners, white/black/orange Scottish Bus Group
BD-SN1 Swan National car rental, white/black/blue Scottish Bus Group
EA-BB1 Babbacombe Model Village, yellow/black
EA-KC1 Kents Cavern, Torquay, yellow/black
EA-NA1 Newton Abbot Co-operative Society Ltd, cream/grey-blue/red
EA-PC1 Pascoes tripe & Devonshire hogs puddings, cream/black/red
EA-PY1 Potbury’s of Sidmouth estate agents, cream/grey-blue/black
EA-VH1 Victoria Hotel, Torquay dancing nightly, black/red/yellow/white
EA-WP1 Fly Westpoint to London, cream/red/black
Cove panel adverts, 85x5mm approx, curved ends* 75p each
AD-BD7 Beattie’s Bread quality always, cream/orange/black AA Motors
AD-SL2 Struthers of Lochwinnoch table waters, cream/blue/red/green AA Motors
* these could be trimmed to rectangular 80mm length, if desired
Side panel adverts for single-deckers, 67.5x6mm length, curved ends 75p each
GA-BM1 Beamish is better, white/red/black/green CIE
GA-CL1 Club Lemon the real thing, blue/white CIE
GA-CO1 Club Orange, white/orange CIE
GA-HA2 Halpins home of good tea, red/white/black CIE
GA-JC1 Crested Ten by Jameson CIE
GA-PP1 Players – on top for quality, blue/white/black CIE
GA-PP2 Players Please-here there and everywhere, yellow/blue/red CIE
GA-PR1 President Virginia Filter cigarettes, red/blue/dark blue/white CIE
GA-PX1 Phoenix ale refreshes, red/black/white CIE
GA-PY2 Paddy pure pot still ten years old, white/red/black CIE
GA-SW1 Smithwicks beer at its best, white/red/black CIE
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