side panel adverts for double-deckers
Catalogue index
Highbridge-style side panel adverts, 63/64mm length (suitable for Leyland TD1s etc) 75p each
AD-BM4 Bermaline Bread, square corners, cream/red/black various
AD-DZ3 Dewar’s White Label whisky, square corners, white/red/black
AD-ER1 Electrical & Radio Services, West Campbell Street, Glasgow, square corners, cream/red Paton
AD-SC2 Schweppes table waters worth remembering, square corners, cream/red/black
BD-WR1 Wright’s export ale, square corners, cream/red/black Alexander, McLennan
Highbridge Aberdeen Corporation-style side panel adverts, 63mm length, round corners 75p each
AD-AC1 Aberdeen Coal & Shipping Co Ltd., cream/red/black/white
AD-AL1 Alexanders TV and Radio, white/blue/yellow/red/black
AD-AN2 Aitken’s Export, red/white/black
AD-AR1 Archibald’s Curtains etc, cream/orange/black
AD-AV1 Aberdeen Savings Bank, yellow/black/green/white
AD-BB2 Brooke Bond Tea, cream/red/black
AD-BC1 Beach Ballroom, multi-coloured
AD-BP3 Black Velvet Port, yellow/black/red
AD-CB2 Crawford’s Rich Tea Biscuits, red/cream
AD-CS1 Coral Strand Rum, cream/red/black
AD-DF1 Dan Flynn Bookmakers, cream/red/black
AD-DX2 Dulux Du-lite, cream/black
AD-DX4 Dulux Du-lite, dark blue/white/yellow
AD-HB1 Harris Bacon, cream/red/gold/black
AD-HG2 Don’t be vague, ask for Haig, cream/red/black
AD-HM1 H M Tea, white/red/yellow/green/black
AD-NC1 Northern Co-op (2 out of 3 shop at), cream/red/black
AD-NC2 Northern Co-op (Supplies your every need), cream/red/black
AD-SF1 James Scott & Son fireplaces, cream/red/white/black
AD-SS2 Sandeman Scotch, ivory/red/black
AD-WB1 Westons Quality Biscuits, ivory/red/black
AD-WW1 Wallace’s Whisky, cream/red/black
AD-UB1 Usher’s Beer, white/red/black
AD-YA3 Youngers of Alloa Heavy Export Ale, cream/red/dark blue/black
Highbridge-style side panel adverts, 67/68mm length, 75p each
AD-AK9 Askit Scotland’s best headache powder, cream/red/dark blue/blue Chieftain Young
AD-AN3 Aitken’s Beer Just what I want, square corners, cream/orange/black Young
AD-AP1 Andy Pak potatoes scalloped corners, ivory/maroon/blue/black/gold A1 Service
AD-AS1 A1 Soap Powder square corners, ivory/blue/red/black/white Chieftain, GMS, Young
AD-AW1 Andrews Liver Salts for inner cleanliness, green/white/black
AD-BB1 Brooke Bond Tea square corners, cream/red/black NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
AD-BD1 Beattie’s Bread square corners, cream/orange/black AA Motors, Chieftain, Graham, P&D, Young
AD-BE1 BEA - Europe’s foremost airline square corners, white/red/black
AD-BE2 BEA – fly direct to London square corners, white/red/black Aberdeen
AD-BF1 Bank of Scotland Takes the worry out of money square corners, white/black various
AD-BH1 Black & White scotch whisky, yellow/black/white
AD-BK1 Branston Pickle square corners, yellow/dark blue/red/white
AD-BL1 Baillie’s of Saltcoats carpets etc scalloped corners, cream/dark blue/red/gold A1 Service
AD-BL2 Baillie of Saltcoats radio/TV scalloped corners, ivory/maroon/black A1 Service
AD-BT1 Beattie’s Biscuits square corners, cream/orange/brown AA Motors, Brown, Chieftain
AD-BP1 Black Velvet Port square corners, black/grey/white
AD-BU1 Bulloch Lade Scotch Whisky square corners, black/red/white
AD-BW3 Bell’s Scotch Whisky Afore Ye Go, square corners, white/red/black
AD-CB1 Crawford’s Rich Tea Biscuits square corners, red/cream
AD-CB3 Crawford’s Rich Tea Biscuits square corners, yellow/black/red/white
AD-CC1 Delicious Coca-Cola Refreshing square corners, red/yellow/white
AD-CD1 Corner Drapery Store scalloped corners, cream/red/green Simpson
AD-CE1 See the CIS for Insurance square corners, yellow/black
AD-CF1 Crawford’s Scotch Whisky one of the good things of life, cream/blue/red
AD-CG1 Visit the Candleriggs Market square corners, white/red/black Glasgow
AD-CL1 Carry Home Carlsberg Special Brew, square corners, black/red/yellow
AD-CM2 Cremona Toffee, round corners, cream/gold/maroon
AD-CN1 Have a Capstan made to make friends, square corners, dark blue/yellow/white
AD-CN2 Capstan are better blended, square corners, yellow/dark blue/white/black
AD-CO1 Go to town with Crown wallpapers, square corners, white/black/blue
AD-CO2 Go to town with Crown wallpapers, square corners, blue/yellow/red/white
AD-CS1 Calder’s Stout square corners, cream/red/black Young
AD-CT2 Cooper’s Tea, square corners, cream/gold/red/black Glasgow
AD-CT3 There’s only one t in Scotland Cooper’s Tea square corners, red/black/yellow Glasgow etc
AD-CU1 Culthill Agricultural Works square corners, light blue/blue/black McLennan
AD-CW1 Challenge Whisky square corners, multi-coloured Young
AD-CY1 Chocolate? – I want Cadburys, round corners, cream/white/red/black
AD-DB3 Drybrough’s Burns Strong Ale, cream/red/black/gold/brown AA Motors
AD-DD1 Daily Record Sunday Mail Your papers – made in Scotland square corners various
AD-DE1 Dunfermline Building Society, square corners, cream/blue/dark blue/red AA Motors Young
AD-DM1 Shop at D M Browns, round corners, black/white/gold Dundee
AD-DR1 Dawsons Removals square corners, ivory/red/black Chieftain
AD-DR2 Dawsons Removers square corners, cream/red/black Young
AD-DX1 Dulux Du-lite square corners, cream/black
AD-DX5 Dulux Du-lite square corners, dark blue/white/yellow
AD-DX6 Dulux Du-lite round corners, dark blue/cream/black
AD-DX7 You can rely on Dulux, square corners, black/white/yellow/green/blue/red
AD-DY1 Darry Blue Wax floor polish square corners, yellow/dark blue/blue
AD-ED1 Eldorado wine square corners, cream/red/black/brown/green
AD-EL1 Royal Ediswan Lamps square corners, cream/red/black
AD-ES1 Ediswan The finest name in lamps, square corners, red/light blue/gold/black/cream
AD-EV1 Better Evening Times for Glasgow square corners, white/black/red Glasgow
AD-EX1 Scottish Daily Express Tops for Pools, square corners, white/blue/red/black various
AD-FA2 Fine Ales, brewed in Edinburgh by Steel Coulson, cream/green/brown/grey, scalloped corners
AD-FS1 Stand Yourself a Standfast square corners, red/white
AD-GC1 Gilchrist’s Bread Land O’Burns Bakeries, scalloped corners, cream/red/black/blue Western
AD-GD1 Gray Dunn chocolate biscuits square corners AA Motors, Chieftain, Glasgow, Graham, Western
AD-GK1 T H Gibson, Kilmarnock scalloped corners, cream/red/black/gold A1 Service
AD-GP1 Hawkhead Road Garage square corners, black/orange/cream Graham
AD-GN1 Genasprin - the safe form of Asprin, square corners, light blue/dark blue/black
AD-GO1 MacFarlane Lang’s Granola biscuits square corners, red/white/black
AD-GS3 Golden Shred marmalade, square corners, cream/red/black/yellow/white/gold/dark blue
AD-GT1 Gold Tankard keg beer, green/yellow/black/brown
AD-GY2 Greys cigarettes Second to none, square corners, ivory/light blue/black/red
AD-HG1 Don’t be vague ask for Haig square corners, cream/red/black
AD-HG5 Haig in every Home, square corners, cream/red/blue
AD-HL1 Make it Highland for your coach hire, cream/red/blue
AD-HN1 Henderson Radio & TV square corners, cream/black/red Clyde Coast
AD-HP1 Huntley & Palmers Biscuits, round corners, dark green/gold/cream/black
AD-HU1 Huddesrsfield & Bradford Building Society - A society for all reasons, white/green/black various
AD-HW1 Hall’s Wine square corners, ivory/dark blue/white
AD-JA1 Jacob's Cream Crackers, cream/orange/black, square corners various
AD-JL1 Jeffrey’s Lager, scalloped corners, cream/red/maroon/black, Alexander, Western
AD-JL2 Jeffrey’s Lager, Ale & Stout, square corners, cream/yellow/white/black Young
AD-JM1 Jean Macgregor Scotch Broth square corners, cream/red/green/black various NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
AD-JR1 Johnston’s Rolls square corners, red/yellow/white/black Glasgow
AD-KB1 Kirkpatrick’s Bacon square corners, cream/black/red Young
AD-KD1 Kelly Ironmongers Dumfries scalloped corners, cream/red/black Western
AD-KG1 Get cracking on Kellogg’s, square corners, black/red/yellow
AD-KK1 Colour comes out best on Kodak film, square corners, black/red/yellow/blue/green
AD-KL1 Bedtime Milk gives Daytime Energy, square corners, red/white
AD-KL2 Drinka Pinta Milka Day, square corners, multi-coloured
AD-KL7 Sinka Pinta Milka Day, square corners, multi-coloured
AD-KS1 King’s Pure Sweets square corners, cream/ivory/black/red Chieftain, Graham, McGill
AD-KX1 Kemdex denture powder, square corners, white/black/blue various
AD-LB2 Lawson Skinless Pork Sausages, square corners, yellow/black/white Glasgow
AD-LC1 Lucozade in sickness and in health, yellow/black/white
AD-LG1 Lifeguard Paints and Distemper, cream/blue/red/black Young etc
AD-LJ1 Long John Scotch square corners, white/black/red
AD-LW1 Littlewoods square corners, cream/red/black/white
AD-LW2 Littlewoods £280,895 square corners, black/yellow/red/white
AD-LY1 Lybro Overalls, square corners, cream/red/dark blue/white
AD-MA1 Milanda Bread square corners, cream/brown/red various NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
AD-MA2 Milanda Bread scalloped corners, cream/gold/red various
AD-MB1 May Blossom Tea square corners, ivory/red/black Chieftain
AD-MC3 Make friends with Martell brandy, square corners, ivory.light blue/black
AD-ME8 McEwan’s Export, square corners, red/white/green/grey/brown various
AD-ME10 McEwan’s Beer, square corners, red/white/green/grey/brown various
AD-MI1 Marshall’s put the mac in macaroni, cream/dark brown/black/white Chieftain, Young
AD-MJ1 James McLean bookmakers, Glasgow, square corners, cream/black/red/gold Lowland
AD-MK1 Mekay Immaculate Shirts, square corners, yellow/black/white Aberdeen, Glasgow
AD-ML1 A & C McLennan coachbuilding square corners, light blue/blue/black McLennan
AD-ML2 A & C McLennan coach hire, square corners, blue/yellow/black McLennan
AD-ML3 A & C McLennan ‘McLennan Marine’, square corners, blue/dark blue/black McLennan
AD-MM1 McGavin Mavara Tea, square corners, cream/red/black Glasgow
AD-MN1 Moorings Restaurant and Ballroom, Largs, square corners, cream/dark blue/gold/black Clyde Coast, Western, Young
AD-MR1 Morrison’s Gold Medal Bread scalloped corners, cream/red/gold A1 Service
AD-MS1 Maitland Suits scalloped corners, cream/red Simpson
AD-MT1 Melrose’s Tea square corners, cream/red/black Glasgow
AD-MU1 McGrouthers Scotch bacon and sausages, cream/red/maroon/black Glasgow
AD-MV1 MC Vatted Rum, round corners, white/gold/red/black Dundee
AD-MW1 Mackinlay’s Scotch Whisky AA Motors
AD-MY1 Millar Confectionary of Quality, square corners, cream/red/gold/dark blue Chieftain
AD-NW1 Norwell’s Perth Footwear scalloped corners, ivory/red/brown Alexander
AD-NZ1 Buy New Zealand butter – butter with the sun in it, yellow/green/black
AD-OC1 Ogden’s Cobnut sliced tobacco, square corners, green/cream/orange
AD-OT1 Ovaltine The World’s best nightcap, square corners, light green/black/orange
AD-OV1 OVD Rum/Morton’s Scotch Whisky square corners, yellow/black/red/white Aberdeen Glasgow etc
AD-OX1 Olivetti Lexicon typewriters, square corners, white/yellow/red/black Glasgow
AD-PA1 Face the future with Pearl assurance, square corners, blue/white/red/black
AD-PB1 Paisley Building Society, square corners, white/red/black/gold Cunningham
AD-PG1 Parkhouse Garage Ardrossan, ivory/dark blue/maroon/gold, scalloped corners A1 Service, Clyde Coast
AD-PH1 Insist on a Phillips bicycle, square corners, cream/maroon/black Glasgow
AD-PM1 Pan Am £97 return to New York, white/blue/black
AD-PO4 Polo the mint with the hole, square corners, dark blue/green/white
AD-PP1 People are saying Players Please more than ever, square corners, yellow/red/black
AD-PP2 Players Please They taste better – that’s why square corners, red/white/yellow/black
AD-PR1 Mitchell's Prize Crop cigarettes, yellow/black
AD-PS1 Phillip’s Sports cigarettes, square corners, blue/black/white
AD-PT1 Pattison’s Lighthouse Bleach, square corners, light blue/red/white/black McGill
AD-PU1 Ask the man from the Prudential square corners, yellow/white/red/black
AD-PW1 Player’s Weights cigarettes, square corners, black/yellow/white
AD-RA1 Randora Wine square corners, cream/red/black
AD-RB1 Ask to be deposited at the Royal Bank. square corners, white/blue various
AD-RM1 Ross’s Safety Milk square corners, cream/brown/red Chieftain, Young
AD-RO1 Royal baking powder, scalloped corners, ivory/red/dark blue NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
AD-RY1 Robert Younger’s Sweet Stout, square corners, yellow/brown/gold/orange AA Motors
AD-SA1 Scottish Amicable Building Society, square corners, cream/black/gold/red
AD-SC1 Schweppervescence lasts the whole drink through, square corners, green/yellow
AD-SH1 Simpson’s private hires and tours scalloped corners, cream/black/white/red Simpson
AD-SJ1 Stillade Makes thirst a Joy, square corners, cream/green/yellow/orange/brown Young, Western
AD-SL1 Struthers of Lochwinnoch table waters, square corners, cream/red/green/light blue Young
AD-SN1 Senior Service Satisfy, square corners, dark blue/gold
AD-SQ1 Scott’s Quality jams, jellies & marmalade, square corners, cream/maroon/red Alexander
AD-SS1 Sandeman Scotch square corners
AD-SV1 David Stevenston Beers and Minerals, Paisley, square corners, dark green/yellow/red/grey Cunningham
AD-SW1 Sweet-Orr overalls, square corners, yellow/maroon/red/white
AD-SX1 Saxone for shoes square corners, cream/blue/black
AD-TB1 Thornwood Biscuits square corners, light green/brown/white/cream Chieftain
AD-TH1 Thomson’s Gold Seal Scotch Whisky, square corners, cream/red/gold/black Cunningham
AD-TM1 Talisman Wine square corners, cream/red/brown Young
AD-TP1 Tomaso Portraits, Saltcoats scalloped corners, cream/red/dark blue/gold A1 Service
AD-TS1 Top Spar Rum, scalloped corners, cream/red/black/gold/white A1 Service
AD-TY1 Ty-Phoo Tea one of the good things of life, square corners, dark blue/white
AD-UB3 Ushers Export Ale, square corners, white/red/gold/black
AD-UF1 United Friendly Insurance Company, square corners, yellow/orange/black/white
AD-VN1 Vernons football pools, square corners, yellow/red/white
AD-VT1 McVitie’s the word before biscuits, white/dark blue/black
AD-VT2 McVitie’s Digestive biscuits square corners, white/red/black
AD-VR1 Sun Saloon Luxury Coaches, clear/yellow/cream/black Victor
AD-WD1 Waddell’s sausages are best, square corners, cream/brown/black various inc. Young
AD-WF1 The Winner self raising flour square corners, cream/red/black
AD-WL1 W B Allison Wallpaper Stores, Stevenston, scalloped corners, ivory/blue/dark blue/yellow/red A1 Service
AD-WN1 Windsor Cafe Ardrossan, ivory/gold/maroon/black, scalloped corners A1 Service, Clyde Coast
AD-WR1 Wilson’s of Irvine scalloped corners, cream/gold A1 Service
AD-WS1 Wallace’s Sausages scalloped corners, cream/brown/dark blue Western
AD-WT1 Whyte’s Teas square corners, cream/black/red Chieftain Graham
AD-WV1 ......and a box of Swan Vestas please, square corners, white/red/dark green/yellow/black
AD-YA1 Younger’s of Alloa Ales square corners, cream/red/black Brown, Young
AD-YA4 Youngers of Alloa Heavy Export Ale, cream/red/dark blue/black various
AD-YR1 Yorkshire Relish thick or thin, square corners, yellow/blue/red
AD-ZF1 Zoflora the ideal floral disinfectant, square corners, green/white/yellow
AD-ZZ1 Izzi’s caterers, ice cream, Renfrew, square corners, beige/white/red/black Cunningham, Paton
BD-BC1 Bachelor Tipped cigarettes, cream/maroon/black
BD-ME1 Meltis Confectionary - not for love or money can you get...., cream/brown/green, scalloped corners
BD-PP1 Paisley Poly haberdashers (Naismith & Scott), cream/red/green/black
BD-SC1 SCWS quality goods at the Co-op, black/yellow/red/white Glasgow
BD-TH1 Thistle Soap, square corners, cream/lilac/green/black Paisley & District, Young
EA-AQ1 Aqualand, Torquay, black/red/yellow/white
EA-AQ2 Aqualand, Torquay, black/blue/yellow/white
EA-AX1 Acriflex cream, blue/white/yellow
EA-BK1 Borwick’s baking powder, yellow/dark blue/red
EA-BY1 Bowyers Wiltshire Sausages, black/yellow/white
EA-DD1 A Double Diamond works wonders, yellow/red/black/brown
EA-GC1 Grey Cars tours and private hire, grey/grey-blue/maroon/cream/white
EA-HB1 Drink Hubbly Bubbly soft drinks, white/red/dark blue
EA-MA1 Manns does you a power of good, white/red/brown/grey
EA-PZ1 Paignton Zoo, green/cream/white/black
EA-RO1 Rockheys, Torquay & Newton Abbot, ivory/grey-blue
EA-RO2 Rockheys, Torquay & Newton Abbot, blue/yellow
EA-SY1 Starkey's Tivvy Beer, yellow/red/black/white
EA-WH1 Wolfe & Hollander, Exeter, black/yellow
EA-WH2 Wolfe & Hollander, Exeter, black/light blue/cream
EA-WY1 Whiteways Devon Cider, black/green/yellow
GA-BH1 Bush is best, ivory/red/black CIE
GA-BL1 Ask for Blues made by Gallaher UTA
GA-CC1 Craig’s Coal, ivory/red/light grey/black Belfast
GA-CD1 Cork Dry Gin, red/white Belfast
GA-CL2 C & C Club Lemon, blue/yellow/white, round corners CIE
GA-DD1 Donegal Democrat, Donegal’s only newspaper Lough Swilly
GA-FF3 Old Time Irish marmalade, cream/orange/black/white/grey CIE
GA-FN1 Findlater, ivory/black/red CIE
GA-GU2 Feel on top with a Guinness inside CIE, Lough Swilly
GA-IN1 Irish Independent - Ireland’s National Newspaper, yellow/black/white CIE
GA-JM1 Johnson Mooney & O'Briens bread, white/blue CIE
GA-KB1 Keep Belfast Tidy, yellow/red/black Belfast
GA-KY1 Kennedys extra nutritious bread CIE, GNR
GA-MC1 McCausland car hire, yellow/black Belfast
GA-MK1 McKibbin’s Rum, yellow/black/red/white/brown Belfast
GA-MV1 Martini Vermouth, white/red/grey/black/yellow CIE, GNR
GA-NB1 Bank on the Northern, black/orange Belfast
GA-OB1 Old Bushmills The Spirit of the Age, yellow/red/black/white Belfast
GA-PW1 Powers Gold Label, white/red/black CIE
GA-PY1 Paddy the light whisky, white/red/black CIE, Lough Swilly
GA-SL1 Drink Slainte minerals, white/black/red CIE
GA-UB1 Ulster Bank-the friendly bank, blue/white Belfast
GA-UM1 UM quality canned meats, yellow/red/white/black Belfast
GA-VS1 HGW Valspar the latest in vinyl, yellow/white/black/blue/red CIE
Highbridge-style side panel adverts, 72/73mm length, square or round corners 80p each
AD-AG1 There’s always change at Agnews, white/red various
AD-BF3 Bank of Scotland. The bank for Scotland, round corners white/black various
AD-BG1 Settle on a Bush colour TV, white/black/red/green/blue
AD-BW6 Bell’s Afore Ye Go square corners, white/red
AD-BY1 Scottish Building Society, dark blue/blue/white various
AD-CT6 There’s only one t in Scotland Cooper’s Tea round corners, red/black/yellow various
AD-DD2 Daily Record/Sunday Mail, Your papers - made in Scotland various
AD-DZ1 Dewar’s the scotch to be seen with, white/red/black various
AD-FS2 Stand Fast with Grant’s scotch whisky, white/red/black various
AD-GH1 Glasgow Herald – If you use your head, you’ll read the Herald, white/dark blue/black various
AD-HG7 Haig in every home, white/red/blue various
AD-HO1 Only Hotpoint has it all, black/white various
AD-HR2 Schreiber fitted bedrooms – more room at the top, white/black/red various
AD-IB1 Irn-Bru. Your other national drink, white/orange/black various
AD-JB2 John Begg scotch whisky, round corners, black/orange various
AD-JV1 JVC hi-fi, tape decks, TV, black/red/white various
AD-KL5 Milk – the original soft drink, white/blue various
AD-KR1 Krystal Klear lemonade, blue/red/white/black various
AD-LJ3 Long John scotch whisky, white/red/black various
AD-LO1 Lothian School of Motoring, white/black/red/yellow various
AD-LS2 Lois jeans - It takes bulls to lead the herd, red/white/black/yellow various
AD-LZ1 Lizars for colour cameras, dark blue/blue/white/yellow/black Glasgow
AD-ME6 McEwan’s Pale Ale, black/white/red/green/grey/brown various
AD-ME7 McEwan’s Export, red/white/green/grey/brown various
AD-MP1 The Market Place, Savoy Centre, Glasgow, white/red Glasgow
AD-PL1 Catch the Bass special, white/black various
AD-PM2 Get up by 747 tomorrow Pan Am, white/blue various
AD-PN1 Paterson’s oatcakes and Abernethy biscuits, white/red/black various inc Glasgow’s LA1
AD-PO2 Advertisemint. Polo, white/dark blue/green/black various
AD-PP3 Player’s No6 cigarettes, light blue/dark blue/white various
AD-PU2 Prudential Pru Drive cuts the cost of car insurance, white/black/red various
AD-PU3 Prudential - When it comes to your pension, be prudent various
AD-RL1 Royal Insurance - If you value it, shield it various
AD-RX1 Guardian Royal Exchange – take GRE care of yourself, white/black/blue various
AD-TA2 The Scotsman – You can quote us, white/black various
AD-TA4 The Scotsman - for you, for Scotland, round corners, dark blue/white various
AD-TE1 Technics Hi-fi, black/white various
AD-UK1 Seven flights a day to London Gatwick Air UK, light blue/dark blue/red various
AD-US1 Bus & Coach Council - We’d all miss the bus, white/black/red
AD-YO1 Buy a Sanyo transistor radio, white/red/blue various
BD-BA1 Barries Old Time soft drinks various
BD-DD1 Diamond Export's going places, dark orange/white
BD-MK1 Get fresh with Mackechnie’s rolls, white/light brown/black various
EA-PB1 Parcels by bus convenient quick economical and safe, yellow/green/orange/black
EA-RB2 Royal Blue links London and all the South-West, dark blue/yellow/red/green/orange/black
EA-RB3 Royal Blue express coach services
EA-UT1 Butlin’s Minehead open day visits, dark blue/red/white/ yellow
GA-AC1 Air Canada Ireland to Toronto, white/black/red CIE
GA-BB1 Brennan’s Bread, yellow/red/black CIE
GA-CD2 Cork Dry Gin, red/white/black CIE
GA-GU1 Gigfy-VG (Guinness is good for you), white/red/green/blue/brown CIE
GA-GU3 Guinness naturally good naturally strong, white/red/black/yellow CIE Lough Swilly
GA-HA1 Halpin’s Tea Willow Golden Amber, red/white/black CIE
GA-HC1 Hayes, Conyngham & Robinson chemist, green/cream/red CIE
GA-HY1 Always call your Hennessey a Hennessey, black/gold/white/silver/brown CIE
Highbridge-style side panel adverts, 75x9.75mm, square corners 85p each
AD-BH2 Black & White Scotch Whisky
AD-GF1 Agfacolor CT18 film, orange/black/white
GA-CD3 Cork Dry Gin, red/white
GA-CM1 Churchman Super Size filter
GA-HB1 Two letters spell the best ice cream (HB)
GA-PT1 Protim protects timber
GA-PY3 Paddy – the light whisky
Highbridge-style side panel adverts, 78/79mm length, square corners 85p each
GA-DB1 Dublin Bus – bus hire is our business Dublin Bus
GA-EE1 Elarnrod Eireann Dublin to Sligo day savers, multi-coloured CIE
GA-EE2 Dublin to Waterford rail service day return £11, black/orange/white CIE
GA-RN1 Irish National Insurance, white/blue/red/grey CIE
GA-TK1 Discover Tk-maxx Blanchardstown retail park, red/white CIE
Highbridge-style side panel adverts, 82x8mm, square corners £1 each
AD-BF4 Bank of Scotland A friend for life, white/blue
AD-EF1 It's Barry, Norman (Edinburgh Film Festival) Lothian
AD-GB1 Please give Blood - We need 125 gallons a day to keep going, red/white/dark blue
AD-GB2 Please give Blood - We need 12 busloads of donors every day, red/white/dark blue
AD-GW1 Glasgow's Miles Better Vale De Piu, red/white/green
AD-OU1 Oui Oui Oui Glasgow's alive in any language
AD-US3 We carry more passengers per gallon (Bus & Coach Council)
AD-YP1 Call Talking Pages from Yellow Pages
BD-PM1 Cool off with a nice long Pimms
BD-SN1 Keep us on top - Scottish & Newcastle, white/black/red/grey
BD-TE1 Tetley's Tea Totally Tantalises Tastebuds, white/dark blue
BD-TV1 TV LIcensing - visit us any time to pay your licence
Highbridge-style side panel adverts, 88x12mm, square corners £1 each
GA-RM1 Remy Martin champagne cognac CIE
Highbridge-style side panel adverts, 95x9.75mm, square corners £1 each
GA-BH2 Bush colour TV
GA-CG1 The taste of Carling good times
GA-HB2 Two letters spell the best ice cream (HB)
GA-JC2 Crested Ten whiskey
GA-PC1 Panasonic TV, audio, video
GA-PP3 John Player King Size
Highbridge-style side panel adverts, 121x7.75mm, square corners £1 25p each
GA-DA1 Datsun – we are driven, white/red/blue CIE
GA-RX1 Rank Xerox copiers, Dawson St Dublin, white/black CIE
Highbridge T-shaped offside panel (centre staircase) adverts, £1 25p each
GA-CX1 If your present lubrican’t...Castrol can, 121x20mm, white/green/red/black CIE
GA-CY1 Cadbury Dairy Milk Creamy Believer, 98x29mm, red/purple/white/brown CIE
GA-DR1 Play @ www.ork Dublin 98FM radio, 93x22mm, white/black/red/yellow CIE
GA-HK1 Hackler pure Irish spirit, 93x22mm, white/black/grey/dark green/gold CIE
GA-HU1 Hudson Blue ice cider, 93x22mm, white/blue/orange/red/black CIE
GA-TW1 Twinings tea, 121x20mm, green/red/white CIE
AD-LS1 Lois – the name on everyone’s hips
BD-BK1 Burger King Big Whopper
BD-MD1 We’re on our way to McDonalds
GA-FP1 Friends Provident in Ireland
GA-SQ1 Superquinn drops prices for good
Highbridge T-shaped offside panel (forward staircase) adverts, £1 25p each
AD-BW5 Bell’s Scotch Whisky, 104x20mm, white/red/black
AD-IF1 Ask for independent financial advice, 113x26.25mm, grey/blue/white/black
AD-KE1 Shiftyerbahookie (The Glaswegian newspaper), 102x22.25mm, white/black/blue/green
AD-KH1 Khan's Tandoori Restaurant, Edinburgh, 113x22.25, blue/white/silver/red Lothian
AD-RR1 RRRRRRRRRRRRUM (Black Heart Rum), 102x22.25mm, white/black/grey
AD-TG1 TGI Friday restaurant, Glasgow, 102x22.5mm, black/cream/red/white
AD-TL3 Stop the bus I want a T (Tennent's), 102x22.25mm, white/black/red/amber
AD-TL4 Poetry in Motion (Tennent's), 102x22.25mm, white/black/red/amber
BD-BB1 Astonishingly Scottish BBC Scotland, 102x22.5mm, blue/white
GA-BR1 Gold Bacardi Rum all over Dublin, 104x20mm, red/white/yellow CIE
GA-DS1 Dublin Savings Bank, 104x20mm, black/white/gold CIE
Side adverts on a clear background
This type of advertising was applied direct to upper deck panels, with no advert panel around them, but they could also be used on top of a plain advert panel.
AD-AK11 Askit Scotland’s best headache powder, red/dark blue/black Western black and white livery 75p each
AD-AN4 Aitken’s Beer just what I want, orange/black Western black and white livery 75p each
AD-BD6 Beattie’s Bread quality always, brown/black Western black and white livery 75p each
AD-CB4 Crawford’s Rich Tea biscuits, red Western black and white livery 75p each
AD-ED2 Eldorado South African wine Western black and white livery 75p each
AD-GY1 Greys are great cigarettes, 43x2.5mm, gold with black edge Edinburgh 75p each
AD-MA3 Milanda bread Western black and white livery 75p each
AD-ML2 Marshall’s put the mac in macaroni, dark brown/black/white Western black and white livery 75p each
AD-MX1 Insist on Mary Ann Jersey’s famour beer, cream/black/red Jersey Motor Transport 75p each
AD-SR1 Gilbeys Spey Royal Whisky, 64x3.75mm, white/black/gold Edinburgh 75p each
AD-VA1 VAT69 Scotch Whisky, 66x5.8mm, white various 75p each
AD-YA5 Younger’s of Alloa ales, black/red Western black and white livery 75p each
CA-MA1 Insist on Mary Ann Jersey’s famour beer, 80x5mm, cream/black/red Jersey Motor Transport 90p
GA-FF1 Fruitfield, red letters with light green/maroon shading, 95mm CIE £1
GA-FF2 Fruitfield, cream letters with light green shading, 95mm CIE £1
Hybrid-style side panel adverts, 69x7mm length (suitable for BT Bristol Lodekka LDs etc) 75p each
AD-CY2 Go buy Cadbury’s Double-Decker, white/orange/dark blue/brown various Scottish Bus Group
AD-HG6 Haig in every Home, square corners, cream/red/blue various
AD-JB1 John Begg scotch whisky, square corners, black/orange various
BD-CM1 Bags of comfort from your coal merchant, square corners, white/black/orange various
Lowbridge-style side panel adverts, 63/64mm length (suitable for Leyland TD1s etc) 75p each
AD-AN1 Aitken’s Falkirk Ales, ivory/red/black Alexander
AD-AS2 A1 Soap Powder scalloped corners, ivory/blue/red/black/white various
AD-HK1 Horrockses the Greatest Name in Cotton, square corners, cream/maroon/black/gold various
AD-JW1 Johnnie Walker Born 1820 still going strong, square corners, white/red/gold/black
AD-MG1 McGill, Barrhead ‘Let us Coach you in your Travels’, clear/yellow/maroon McGill
AD-PE1 SCWS Peerless cleanser purity perfection, scalloped corners, ivory/blue/red Alexander
BD-TH2 Thistle Soap, square corners, cream/lilac/green/black
GA-HL1 Hunter’s liqueur whiskey, square corners, black/red/ivory UTA
GA-NG1 Inglis quality bread and cakes, square corners, cream/red/black UTA
Lowbridge-style side panel adverts, 67mm length 75p each
AD-AY1 Abbey Road building Society, square corners, cream/grey/white dark blue/black
AD-BA2 Bernard’s Beer, scalloped corners, cream/maroon/black/brown various
AD-BA3 Bernard’s Beer, round corners, white/maroon/black/brown Edinburgh
AD-BD2 Beattie’s Bread, scalloped corners, ivory/brown/orange various
AD-BM3 Bermaline Bread, scalloped corners, ivory/dark blue/maroon Chieftain, SMT
AD-BT2 Beattie’s Biscuits square corners, cream/orange/brown various
AD-BZ1 Benzie & Miller Fashions and Fabrics, scalloped corners, ivory/red/maroon/black Highland
AD-CM1 Cremona Toffee, scalloped corners, ivory/light brown/maroon various
AD-CR1 Carr’s Almond Crisps scalloped corners, black/red/cream Highland
AD-CS2 Calder’s Nut Brown Ale, scalloped corners, ivory/red/brown/orange Central, Highland, SMT
AD-DA1 Danskin’s of Airdrie, scalloped corners, ivory/blue/red/black Baxter
AD-DB2 Drybrough’s Gold Label Export, scalloped corners, ivory/black/gold/red Baxter
AD-DN1 Duncan’s Chocolate, scalloped corners, cream/red/brown Alexander, Greig
AD-DX3 Dulux Du-lite scalloped corners, cream/black various
AD-DZ2 Dewar’s White Label whisky, square corners, white/red/black
AD-EH1 It’s all in the Evening Dispatch, round corners, white/black/grey Edinburgh
AD-FA1 Steel Coulson’s beer, scalloped corners, ivory/grey/red/black Central, Western
AD-FN1 Fynnon Salt for Rheumatism, square corners, dark blue/blue/white/red
AD-FW1 Fowler’s Strong Ale, scalloped corners, ivory/red/gold/black Alexander SMT
AD-GC2 Gilchrist’s Bread Land O’Burns Bakeries, scalloped corners, cream/red/black/blue Western
AD-GG1 Graham’s Golden Lager scalloped corners, ivory/gold/black Alexander, SMT
AD-HB2 Harris famous for bacon since 1770, square corners, blue/white/red/black various
AD-HD1 Hendry’s aerated waters, scalloped corners, ivory/blue/black SMT
AD-HG3 Don’t be vague ask for Haig scalloped corners, cream/red/black various
AD-HG4 Don’t be vague, ask for Haig scalloped corners, ivory/red/black various
AD-JF1 John Forbes House for Woollens, scalloped corners, cream/red/green Greig, Highland
AD-JM2 Jean Macgregor Scotch Broth scalloped corners, cream/red/green/black various
AD-JM3 Jean Macgregor Scotch Broth scalloped corners, ivory/red/green/black various
AD-KD2 Kelly Ironmongers Dumfries scalloped corners, cream/red/black Western
AD-KL3 Had your daily pinta yet?, square corners, multi-coloured
AD-KL4 Extra Pintas so well worth it, black/white/red/orange
AD-KS2 King’s Oddfellows, scalloped corners, ivory/black/red/grey Central
AD-KX2 Kemdex denture powder, square corners, white/black/blue various
AD-LB1 Lawson’s Perfection Bacon scalloped corners, ivory/red/black SMT
AD-LB2 Lawson Sausages and Pork Pies Country Fresh Every Day scalloped corners, red/grey/white various
AD-LH1 Lemon Hart Rum, scalloped corners, yellow/red/black Central, Western
AD-LJ2 Long John the scotch we drink in Scotland, scalloped corners, white/black/red Central
AD-LW3 Littlewoods above all, square corners, green/white/red/black
AD-MB2 May Blossom Tea scalloped corners, ivory/red/black Baxter, Chieftain
AD-MC4 Martell cognac brandy, square corners, ivory/blue
AD-MC5 Make friends with Martell cognac brandy, scalloped corners, white/dark blue
AD-MC6 Brandy make sure it’s Martell, square corners, yellow/dark blue
AD-MD1 McDowell’s Bread, round corners, white/red/black Edinburgh
AD-ME3 McEwan’s Beer, scalloped corners, ivory/red/black/green/grey various
AD-ME4 McEwan’s Beer, round corners, ivory/red/black/green/grey various
AD-MO3 Melroso Wine round corners, white/red/black
AD-MZ1 Maitland Radio for TV, round corners, white/red/black/gold Edinburgh
AD-PC1 Paterson’s Clensel, scalloped corners, ivory/black/red/gold Alexander, Central, Western
AD-PO1 Polo the mint with the hole, square corners, dark blue/green/white
AD-PZ2 Parozone, scalloped corners, ivory/blue/red/maroon various
AD-SB1 Sunshine Bleach the original, square corners, cream/orange/white/black Western, Greenock MS
AD-SG1 Sang’s Aerated Waters and Beers, scalloped corners, ivory/light brown/orange/black Alexander
AD-SK1 Sun-Kool orange squash, scalloped corners, ivory/blue/orange/black SMT
AD-SS3 Sandeman Scotch scalloped corners, ivory/red/black Central
AD-ST1 Smiths’ bread and cakes, round corners, white/black/red Edinburgh
AD-SU1 St Cuthbert’s Gold Medal Bread, round corners, white/maroon/black Edinburgh
AD-SY1 Symington’s Soups scalloped corners, cream/dark blue/black Western
AD-TA1 Tele-Ads The Scotsman/Evening Dispatch/Weekly Scotsman, round corners, white/red/blue/green Edinburgh
AD-TB2 Thornwood Biscuits scalloped corners, light green/brown/white/cream Chieftain
AD-TT1 Tasty Mealtime Twins, scalloped corners, cream/red/brown Smith
AD-TV1 Tavener’s Fruit Drops, scalloped corners, cream/red/light green/white Western
AD-TW3 Thin Wine Biscuits, scalloped corners, cream/gold/red Alexander, Greig
AD-TZ1 Tizer the Appetiser, scalloped corners, ivory/orange/light blue Central, Western
AD-UB4 Usher’s is a better beer, round corners, white/red/black
AD-UB5 Whose is a better beer, round corners, white/red/black
AD-WB2 Weston’s Quality Biscuits scalloped corners, ivory/red/black Baxter
AD-WB3 Weston’s Quality Biscuits round corners, white/red/black
AD-WS2 Wallace’s Sausages square corners, cream/brown/dark blue various
AD-WT2 Whyte’s Teas square corners, cream/black/red Graham
AD-WX1 Waxwing Shoe Polish, scalloped corners, cream/black/maroon/red Smith
AD-WY1 William Younger’s Beer, scalloped corners, ivory/red/black/white/grey/orange various Scottish Bus Group
AD-YA2 Younger’s of Alloa Ales square corners, ivory/black/red Brown
BD-CR1 Crosse & Blackwell soups that nourish, cream/blue/black scalloped corners various
BD-DM1 Scottish Daily Mail more local and national news, yellow/black/white/red various Scottish Bus Group
BD-SL1 Sloan’s Restaurant & Bar, Glasgow, scalloped corners, cream/red/black/gold Western
Lowbridge-style side panel adverts, 73mm length, square corners 80p each
AD-BF2 Bank of Scotland. The bank for Scotland various
AD-EZ1 Evening Citizen your take-home paper, black/orange/white/green/yellow various
AD-HA1 Have a Harp you’re in good company, dark blue/white
AD-HG8 Haig in every home, white/red/blue various
AD-HR1 Schreiber fitted bedrooms – more room at the top, white/black/red
AD-KA1 We’ll take you home again Kathleen (British Telecom), white/black
AD-KL6 Milk – the original soft drink, white/blue various
AD-KP1 Glasgow-Blackpool coach service, orange/white various Scottish Bus Group
AD-PO3 Go the hole way. Polo, white/dark blue/green/black
AD-PP4 Player’s No6 cigarettes, light blue/dark blue/white
AD-PY1 Piccadilly - Britain’s finest cigarette, dark blue/white/gold
AD-SZ1 Step into Stepeks and save, blue/white/black Baxter, Central
AD-TA3 Getting the Scotsman is getting informed, white/black/red various Scottish Bus Group
AD-TR1 Travel by bus and cut your travelling costs, blue/white various Scottish Bus Group
AD-US2 Bus & Coach Council – Keep going - by bus, white/black/red
AD-UT1 Butlin’s Ayr open day visits, dark blue/red/white/ yellow various Scottish Bus Group
AD-VS1 Visionhire for colour, white/blue/green/red/orange/grey various Scottish Bus Group
AD-WH1 Why should I make a will – it’s never too early to call your solicitor, black/white
AD-YS1 A T Mays for business and holiday travel, white/yellow/red/black various
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